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Women in the Public Relations Industry

Do people still believe that women can’t do the executive job as well as a man? If so, they are mistaken.

The Tale of Graduate Turned Account Coordinator

Three months deep at Veracity and I am lucky to have bosses who push me to greater lengths every day.

The do’s and don’ts of social media…

Sometimes a little training is needed even for what seem to be the simplest tasks. Tips to help you avoid making mistakes in the social media space.

Amy Rosenberg on Local PR with The Zip [Podcast]

Local public relations tips, the launch of Veracity, Amy’s background and more. Interview on The Zip Podcast.

Networking Tips for Your Next Holiday Party

Networking Tips for Your Next Holiday Party

Whether you love the office mixer or dread it, you are likely going to a few seasonal get-togethers. Spend that time wisely to further your career or business, here are eight networking tips for your next holiday party.

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