Meeting you where you are

Meeting you where you are

Our Agency Retainer option mirrors the traditional agency model through partnerships that ensure frequent results. Ongoing agreements for the following services are available: Public Relations, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Newsletters and Advertising Management. Besides being proactive, retainer relationships allow us to pivot, jumping on opportunities with minimal lead-time. Essentially, we’re at your service.

However, after 8 years of solely operating as a full-service PR firm, Veracity discovered something sorely lacking. Wondering if this DIY society would continue responding to the traditional agency model, we’ve also provide an Empowerment Program, so we’re meeting clients where they are.

Pairing the Empowerment Program with Agency Retainer and Project Work — ideal for those needing an occasional helping hand — ensures we aren’t pricing ourselves out of reach nor blocking rising superstars by hoarding all the work. We’re a family owned business started from a dining room table after all.

Veracity aims to set clients up for success on their own rather than failure without a firm — regardless of the program you discover.

Empowerment Program

A plan of action you can implement

Agency Retainer

A full service arm of your marketing team


Fill in the gaps with our helping hand