Internal Communications

Your Most Important Audience

Considering PR from the Inside Out

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again. Your internal stakeholders whether that be the agents pounding the streets representing your company, the vendors you work with daily, the owners you franchise with, and most significantly your employees are your most important audience. Period.

Before executing any type of outward-facing campaign, Veracity considers how it will be viewed internally, with your help. Through ongoing partnership, we can empathetically position ourselves to understand how our actions affect internal perceptions. Sometimes what we think will be an outward facing campaign morphs into internal communications as we uncover the true need.

PR That Builds Culture​

The benefit external PR brings to workplace cultures has surprised both our clients and ourselves over the past decade. We’ve seen employees cry with pride as they reflect back on their team’s accomplishments during Veracity’s press recap presentations. Mothers call their adult children gushing every time the company is seen in lights. New recruits already have a warm sense about the organization from all the exposure.

We are thoughtful in how we spread out the love, working with you to ensure that key players are recognized throughout our PR efforts. In a world that moves too fast, it’s important to remember all that has been accomplished. We’ll even write quarterly press releases or blog posts to chronicle wins for the team.

While it may sound a little granola, it’s all important because it adds to your retention and recruitment.

Specific Internal Relations Work​

By putting ourselves in your employee’s shoes, we’re able to bring concerns to your attention. We could be pondering campaigns we don’t believe will be received well or unraveling holes we’ve discovered throughout our time working together. Or, it’s quite possible that you will bring concerns to us.

No matter the situation, we create effective strategies unique to the medium, such as internal podcasts, private Facebook pages or employee newsletters. We can also provide content you can use, such as speeches, social messaging response copy and talking points.

Remembering that internal audiences are your loudest mouthpieces is key. They can be your most noteworthy praise makers, bringing in new business and recruiting key talent, or they can be your most devastating reviewers, lowering morale and submitting damaging reviews online. How they are treated, and their perception of that treatment, throughout their entire employment journey greatly affects what they say about you on the internet or on the streets.

This all begins with frequent, thoughtful internal communications.

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