Digital PR is SEO Gold

Combining Third-Party Accreditation and Website Authority

There are PR firms that do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some SEOs provide outreach and call it PR. Very few do them in harmony like Veracity. True media relations efforts will most likely result in some powerful links from high authority media sites. SEO link building may result in additional exposure. Intentionally combining efforts multiplies each discipline’s effectiveness.

PR Takes SEO to the Next Level

There are three main elements of a solid SEO strategy. PR doesn’t have much of an effect on the first, which is the way the website is built. A site must be designed and developed in an SEO friendly manner to present the information to users and Google in a logically structured way. There are many other factors, like site speed and the use of schematic mark-up as well.

PR can have an impact on the second element: content. Not a bunch of content for the sake of having a bunch of content, but good, fresh relevant content. Blog content, user-generated content, product and service content, you name it. This content can also help drive another PR tool, social media.

However, the biggest impact we often see from PR on SEO is the way in which it earns links from authoritative websites. The third-party validation and accreditation PR hits lend to websites to increase their authority is the third main element to SEO.

SEO Strategies Optimize PR 

Like any great partnership, it can’t all be given from one side. SEO strategies, tactics and measurement can really increase the value of PR campaigns. As we create outreach strategies and media lists, we are considering the SEO potential of the results. Will we get a relevant link and extra reach with social media sharing.

Using SEO strategies we uncover new placement opportunities traditional campaigns may miss. Inherent by the name, the optimization never stops. Once a PR story lands, sharing it through content marketing execution increases the value of the story, which in turn increases the value of the SEO link it carries.

SEO also provides additional measurement possibilities for PR engagements. While getting a PR hit is fine and dandy, how do we measure the impact it has on concrete business goals? Digital Marketing and SEO measurements like organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate(s), keywords ranked, click-through rate (CTR), increased rankings, and ultimately sales tied to those campaigns will provide more insight into what is working.


Sorry, we aren’t just going to put your press release on the wire and call it SEO. 

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