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Most of Veracity’s clients are businesses that are trying to reach other businesses (B2B). Thought leadership strategies help them strengthen or maintain their reputation among multiple business communities. We write guest articles, book speaking engagements, garner award wins, and more by keeping abreast of industry trends and news.

Excavating Thoughts for Leadership

Beyond doing our own research, the most important way in which we help businesses stand out is by listening. It may sound simple but it’s not. Our clients never know just how interesting they are. It’s our job to suss that out by examining everything that’s said in a conversation, ready to pounce when the opportunity is right. One topic can take several different directions that may seem unrelated but we can use them at another time.

We are constantly writing everything down, except for the confidential information, and are thinking about how each topic can be customized into its own campaign, possibly even months down the road. Our clients appreciate this fully-maximized use of time because it is efficient. One conversation can fuel multiple thought leadership initiatives.

What we do with this excavated information is multifaceted, including:

Guest Articles for Press: After interviewing you on a topic, we’ll draft an article for your review and submit the article to industry (trade or vertical) press for placement under a key executive’s name.

Blog Posts/Online Content: An interview, conversation or trend we come across in our research can transform into a blog post or other online content to run under a key executive’s name. 

Awards Program: Our in-depth awards program can flag awards for your company or executives. We can also assist in the collection of the materials, along with submission and follow up. Award wins are maximized through added PR exposure, social content or internal communications to build culture. 

Tradeshow Maximization: Many press can be found at trade shows. We’ll use this to our advantage when developing the PR plan, saving any major announcements for important tradeshows–and possibly even getting creative with on-site press events, social media targeted toward the tradeshow audience and more. We’ll even get our hands on the tradeshow press list and book press meetings with executives if their on-site schedule allows. 

Talking Points: The key to success is preparation. We can create talking points for more than just media interviews, including: important internal speeches, sales pitches, business presentations and tradeshow exhibitor points. 

Speaking Engagements: Landing and booking speaking engagements is very similar to the earned media process. We can flag appropriate speaking opportunities, customize pitches for each unique audience and executive, and follow up to ensure we generate some impressive wins. 

Press Interviews: We can pitch and book press interviews, including podcasts, to bring extra exposure to thought leadership campaigns. The smaller outlets can also be viewed as an ideal way to practice unique talking points that will be delivered in front of more important audiences, such as tradeshow attendees.

All of the above can also fuel your content marketing and social media efforts if you are truly committed to the hybrid PR way of infusing multiple disciplines together to create maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

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