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We Can All Do Better

As a highly-intuitive PR firm, Veracity is the first to admit that we don’t know what we don’t know. Recognizing that there is room for improvement is the first step in the necessary work of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Having worked with a global D&I training company on their rebranding efforts has prepared us to serve as a sounding board and first D&I entry-point to leaders who are interested in learning more about the benefits inclusivity can bring to their organization, including increased revenue, better talent recruitment and retention, and, of course, doing the right thing by building a workplace that embraces people from all cultures and backgrounds.


Veracity Is a PR Firm

Veracity is by no means a D&I consulting firm. We just know a little bit about a very big category. Our previous work empowered us to begin introducing the concept to clients through open and honest conversations that are judgment-free and off the record. These conversations are years in the making, with clients taking seemingly small steps that bring monumental change over time.


Would You like to Learn More?

Considering the importance of this work, Veracity would be honored if leaders would like to make meaningful connections with us and discuss D&I. An initial conversation will put you at ease as we walk through the language and key concepts. We could even brainstorm some of the first intentional D&I steps your organization could take, such as virtual events, D&I groups, or vendors we could refer.

Those who are thinking about setting up internal D&I committees are encouraged to schedule a time to discuss this with us as we have helped other clients with this significant first step.


Partner with a Woman-Founded Firm

One of the first actions you can take to begin the D&I process is to review your vendor relationships. Partnering with a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-operated PR firm with a proven record and real SEO experience is a great place to start. But diversity and inclusion goes beyond who is at the helm: Veracity also takes intentional D&I steps, not only internally with new hires and subcontractors, but also in how we advise and promote our clients.

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