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Smart, Relevant Messaging for a Digital World

The digital revolution produced a remarkable leveling effect in our culture. Before we all went online, brands screamed their messages into the void and judged success based on hunches. Oh how things have changed. Today, brands compete for attention in a crowded marketplace of ideas and receive instantaneous feedback. An effective content marketing strategy allows you to participate in this new world with confidence you will be heard amidst the noise. 

Veracity will help identify your critical messaging, transform it into digestible digital content, and then distribute that content in a way that reaches the right audience. No more screaming into the void. No more guesswork. Just smart messaging delivered in relevant ways.

Blogging is the New Press Release

Digital publishing has extended the power of the press to anyone with an internet connection. That means companies no longer have to rely on the media to distribute their messages. With the right strategy, your blog becomes your media center and every post is a new press release that, depending on scope, we’ll send to the press asking for coverage or links. Not only will this approach help you reach important stakeholders, it also makes it easier for media to discover and amplify your content.

Social Media is the New Galvanizer 

Most organizations know they should be active on social media, but not many organizations know exactly why. Even fewer have a defined strategy they can point to that supports their social approach. Veracity can help untangle this mess by defining who you’re trying to connect with and why. Then, we’ll help deploy and adjust that plan so your social media outreach is as effective as possible.

Email Marketing is the New Sales Tool

While email is one of the oldest digital tools in the book, it’s still an amazing way to reach a targeted audience. By combining smart segmentation and thoughtful messaging, you have the ability to speak with your customers at the precise moment they need to hear from you. No matter your goal, we can help you build and execute an email marketing strategy that delivers.

Podcasting is the New Megaphone

More than half of all US consumers over the age of 12 listen to podcasts. That makes this medium a powerful way to reach your customers. Veracity has produced the PR Talk podcast, sponsored by the PRSA of Oregon, for over 3 years now, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Not only does our team understand the technology and challenges that come with producing podcast content, we also have our thumb on the larger ecosystem. That means we can help jump-start your own in-house production to enhance your content marketing or place your team members as guests on outside podcasts.

Content Marketing Works Together

With our help, all these individual channels will begin working in cooperation under the guidance of your overall marketing strategy. With a roadmap in place, your company can identify messages faster and distribute them more effectively.

How to Combine PR and Content Marketing

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