Crisis Communications

For Retainer Clients Only

An Investment in Business Insurance

Due to our proactive approach to crisis management, Veracity does not accept new clients in active crisis mode. Rather, our forward-thinking public and community relations work for retainer clients helps them mitigate planned crises, such as legislation, workforce restructuring, new ownership and more. Retainer clients can also benefit from meticulous planning and forecasting for any type of unplanned crisis.

Here are three ways you can consider an investment with Veracity as business insurance.

#1: Flagging Possible Issues

We hold monthly meetings with all retainer clients, at a minimum. These check-ins provide ample opportunity for other topics to arise beyond PR, since a symbiotic relationship between PR and all business areas should exist. The strategic, sensitive guidance we can offer as women, millennials, people of color and native Portlanders can be your saving grace. Oftentimes your team is too close to the organization to see beyond it.

#2: Mitigating Damage Ahead of Time

A crisis can befall the best of us. But if you’re already backed by a solid body of PR work, encompassing Community Relations and Internal Communications, and you’ve been telling your stories frequently through owned and earned channels, the damage will likely not be as severe. We take proactive measures to build a bank of goodwill to serve in times of crisis. By consistently spreading positive, proactive messaging, to both internal and external audiences, we help you plan ahead should a crisis arise.

#3: Planning for the Worst

A crisis plan that outlines every foreseeable worst-case scenario can help you act swiftly — which is key when time is of the essence — and remain calm. It’s hard to remain level-headed when you are blindsided and possibly scared by what has happened. Just knowing where to retrieve the necessary information in the plan can help calm your nerves and set you into right-thinking. Veracity’s crisis plans are replete with response trees, talking points and pull-quotes for each nerve-wracking scenario and platform.

If you are interested in learning how Veracity can help your business in both good and bad times, let’s schedule a time to talk.

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