Public Relations

PR Is Everything

An Evolution through Changing Marketplaces

We’re often asked: What is PR? This is truly a loaded question. PR is just about everything because when we define the acronym, it becomes Public Relations. In breaking this down further, it means relating to your publics.

Veracity fully embodies the entire practice of PR, looking beyond the basic Media Relations functions of PR. Of course we write press releases, set up press meetings, create press events, and everything in between.

But these are just tactics. As we build partnerships, we’re constantly molding our strategy to boost your changing goals.

We are often surprised to see that a slight augmentation of PR efforts can bring added benefit in completely unexpected areas, such as talent recruitment and retention. When this happens we can continue leveling-up, bringing in new actions, leaving behind anything that isn’t working.

The ability to respond to how evolving marketplaces change organizations is a major reason to work with a boutique, owner-involved firm. 

We combine the following subsets of PR to the standard Media Relations services:

Internal Communications

Your internal audiences, especially employees, are your most important. We work to ensure messages are resonating and transmitted properly to internal staff and stakeholders. Oftentimes the PR work we perform builds upon itself to create internal goodwill, culture and company pride.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

In our work rebranding a diversity and inclusion (D&I) leadership growth company, we learned so much along the way. Most importantly is that we can all improve, do better and grow. Veracity can help serve as your first entry point into the world of D&I through initial education, resources and eventually internal and external communications.

Community Relations

Starting any PR campaign by writing a press release is simply backward. Many clients don’t have anything newsworthy going on. Yet. We create the news we’re tasked with publicizing and that often starts with ideating Community Relations campaigns that evolve into fully-maximized media relations campaigns with press attention.

Crisis Communications

A holistic approach to marketing would have us working ahead of the crisis, or preventing it altogether. But stuff happens. When time is of the essence, if we’re already in partnership when a crisis hits, we’d have a plan in place with approved messaging and a “response tree” used to mitigate risk. Think of an engagement with Veracity like business insurance.

Requests to address crises for non-retainer clients are reviewed and possibly accepted based on bandwidth and the nature of the crisis.

Thought Leadership

Every organization has powerful leaders with powerful thoughts. Veracity uncovers these thoughts and leverages them into bylined articles, white papers, insightful blog posts, podcast and other media appearances and speaking engagements that are pitched and booked. Awards research, organization and submission on behalf of individuals and organizations are part of this category.

Digital PR

We don’t know of any other firms combining the true functions of both SEO and PR into an entirely new area of practice. While SEO clients are extremely well-versed in SEO, they are surprised by how PR reaches beyond advanced search results to bring extra content, thought leadership, culture and community engagement, credibility and exposure.

Content Marketing

Just like everything is PR, we also believe that everything can be content, but in a more literal sense. Our advanced SEO PR system has press releases being blog posts that are then pitched to press, driving links back to the website. It all works together. Beyond that, all actions and press hits can become social, newsletter or podcasting content. But it first starts with a plan.

The Hybrid PR Way

Ideally, all of these categories would work together as one cohesive unit, rounding out your business plan so that you receive better results in all areas, not just sales. A true commitment to the hybrid PR way will infuse multiple disciplines to create maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Public Relations

Internal Comms, D&I, Community Relations, Crisis, Thought Leadership

Digital PR

Link Building Optimized through PR, Web Maximized

Content Marketing

Blogging, Social Media, Email Marketing, Podcasting