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Marketing and PR should never only be about increasing revenue. While digital tools have allowed us to track efforts to ensure the bottom line is increasing, digging deeper allows us to uncover additional components affecting revenue, such as: talent retention and recruitment, community goodwill, customer fulfillment and online engagement. Veracity’s unique background with the CEO coming from a digital marketing background and the founder coming from a traditional PR and sales background — intertwines to bring clients a hybrid of marketing, PR and digital media solutions. Press releases become blog posts, search engine results become media hits, press coverage becomes a culture boost, thought leadership becomes social media, ad infinitum.

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About Veracity

Think Beyond The Press Release

Veracity infuses the standard practice of PR with content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies to inform, and perhaps lead, all efforts. Since our firm was created when an analytical SEO expert joined forces with a forward-thinking PR strategist, we truly bring a hybrid to all campaigns. Our unique background attracts new SEO clients alongside the traditional PR clientele we’ve been serving for more than a decade. This has us constantly evolving and striving to breakthrough in a fast-paced, digital world — bringing added value to both sets of clientele. Depending on the scope, traditional PR clients gain extra digital assets for content marketing, increased SEO value and social media. SEO clients gain the kind of increased search rankings that only earned media can bring — organic links with high domain authority from the press. All clients benefit from increased exposure, extra content, and internal or external goodwill stemming from campaign efforts.

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A Modern Guide to Public Relations
Unveiling the Mysteries of PR

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Getting noticed today isn’t what it used to be. Veracity empowers clients with change-making suggestions to help them break through the clutter.

As a Portland PR firm, our journalistic approach incorporates the first thing they taught us in Kindergarten, but often disappears once we hit the real world. Active listening. Even though we can barely contain ourselves, our excitement bubbling over at times, we’ve learned how to sit still and focus on what you’re saying. We then listen to your customers, influencers and competitors — culling through it all to get to the heart of what will work for you.

We get our hands dirty at Veracity with a variety of marketing services, such as Public Relations (crisis communications, internal communications, media relations and community relations), Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM/PPC, Local) and Content Marketing (social media, blog posts, email marketing and podcasts). But most importantly we are the strategic partner helping you get noticed in this brave new world of wicked witches and flying monkeys.


You have our full attention.