Joining Amy on today’s PR Talk Podcast is Matt Bowen, associate director of enterprise client services and strategy at Logical Position (LP), an award-winning digital marketing agency. The duo discuss two recent seismic shifts marketers and PR professionals have seen with Google. That is, after talking about ChatGPT, of course. 

As Amy and Matt discuss new developments in AI, Matt sheds light on the ongoing war between Google and Microsoft, leaving us to wonder which platform will be the winner in integrating AI tech with monetization.

Seismic Shift 1: Performance Max

One example of an exciting new integration is Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaign, which launched in June last year and changed how marketers allocate their budgets. Matt explains that instead of relying on marketers manually dividing up where their ad inventory budget should go, Google uses its data to find the most effective way to allocate the budget to the right audience, maximizing campaign objectives.


Seismic Shift 2: Google Analytics 4

The analytics community is up in arms about Google’s Analytics 4 (GA4) — the new analytics measurement tool that will replace Universal Analytics this July. However, Matt and Amy discuss the interesting components GA4 will bring in both privacy and customizable technology, including the raved about predictive audience feature. Using Google’s smart bidding technology, GA4’s predictive audience feature optimizes advertising budgets in order to increase exposure with likely buyers and lessen exposure with unlikely buyers, making for a quicker sale.


Advice for Marketers and PR Pros

Amy asks Matt for advice on how PR and marketing professionals can stay ahead of the digital curve. He emphasizes the importance of embracing technology as a tool that can assist us in our jobs rather than replace us. With AI and other technological advancements, we can enhance our campaigns and achieve better results while still relying on our expertise to drive success.

Tune in now to hear more about these updates and better understand what is happening in the tech world. 

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About the Guest: Matt Bowen

At LP, Matt Bowen works with enterprise eCommerce brands and retailers to implement overarching PPC strategies that lead to long-term growth. His department manages some of the agency’s largest clients, with a managed spend of more than $16 million. Matt is responsible for strategic planning and execution of large scale initiatives to align with clients’ key performance indicators and ROI, including SEM, SEO, social, and email campaigns.

Matt Bowens Headshot

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Cailyn Tegel
Cailyn Tegel is an Account Executive at Veracity. She has a passion for the public relations industry and experience as a marketing intern for The Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau and a boutique PR Firm in St. Louis, MO.