Cailyn Tegel Articles

I’m PR: Seeking Organizations Desiring Stronger Brands

A dating profile explaining why organizations should build a relationship with PR and advice on starting the conversation.

PR Industry Change: A Real Conversation About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Fatou Barry [Podcast]

A PR Talk podcast conversation with PR Girl Manifesto, Hold the PRess and Six Hundred & Rising’s Fatou B. Barry.

Where’s the Culture – Marketing Connection? Right Here with Emmy Thomas [Podcast]

Joining Amy on today’s PR Talk Podcast is Emmy Thomas, VP of Brand and Marketing at Logical Position (LP).

Why You Need Data in Your PR Strategy with Christopher Penn [Podcast]

Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist for Trust Insights, author, keynote speaker, podcast host, Christopher Penn talks about how to collect and use data in PR.

PR Cheats [Podcast]

PR Cheats [Podcast]

In this episode of the PR Talk Podcast, Amy Rosenberg shares a few PR cheats including using a Shotgun Approach, PR Distribution and Shortcuts.

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