Cailyn Tegel Articles

2023 Marketing Predictions from Recent PR Talk Guests [Podcast]

Leaders in marketing, communication, data analysis, customer success and time management share their 2023 marketing and industry predictions.

How Lori Gaffney of Borders Perrin Norrander Owns It [Podcast]

Lori Gaffney, CEO of Borders Perrin Norrander, shares the challenges and successes of being a woman ad agency owner on the Own It podcast.

A Year Full of Lessons for an Entry-Level PR Pro

Cailyn shares lessons learned from her year in an entry-level position to help combat fears that new professionals might be facing.

How Leaders Can “Improv” Company Culture With Erin Diehl [Podcast]

Erin Diehl, founder and CEO of Improve it!, shares how she uses the connection between improv and business development to create a better culture.