Today on PR Talk, we learned a little more about our newest obsession, a PR software called Muck Rack, from Vanessa Neurohr. As their VP of customer success, Vanessa introduces us to the software while providing the ins and outs of the customer success industry. We didn’t expect to find so many similarities with this world, but since PR is about serving others, especially clients and the media, it would make sense after all.

Muck Rack Explained

Discovering just the right press contacts is often the hardest, but most important, part of a new person’s job in PR. It’s quite overwhelming to imagine the sheer multitude of press contacts and outlets worldwide. Through Muck Rack, we can conduct easier research to find contacts, organize them into efficient lists and connect with them through the software. 

Beyond its media database capabilities, the software provides media monitoring and earned media capturing, which are also significant to the PR process. Muck Rack’s newest addition is a Google analytics integration which allows users to combine earned media results with website analysis. This integration may just solve the age old problem PR professionals always face in connecting their hard earned PR coverage to direct results.

With plenty of software competition, Vanessa explains that Muck Rack is unique in its connection with journalists, product innovation and most importantly, customer service. Tech isn’t always the easiest to work with, so Muck Rack has made a considerable effort to create a customer success team that is knowledgeable and readily available.

Muck Rack

Customer Success System

Conducting a customer success team is no small task. In her role, Vanessa helps her team function together to create long-term customer relationships through consistency, trust and availability all reasons her team has continued to show business growth. 

Below are Muck Rack’s customer success team functions and how they add value.

The CSM Team: This is the main point-of-contact for customers to check-in with as often as needed. Having the same person to reach out to helps build trust through consistent dialogue.

The Support Team: On call 24/7 via live chat, this team offers immediate assistance. No longer are customers waiting for answers when they have a team that always shows up.

The Onboarding Team: By walking incoming customers through Muck Rack’s features, this team ensures customers maximize the software to its full capabilities. The more knowledge and comfort the customer obtains, the more adeptly the software will work for them.

The Customer Education Team: As one of the newest pieces of the customer success puzzle, this team creates easy-to-read, step-by-step guides and live courses. Having these resources available for customers allows them to quickly address questions independently.


Advice for Those Entering the Field

Along with being highly empathetic and organized qualities needed for most industries, including PR the skills and background of the ideal customer professional will vary. Vanessa advises incoming customer success professionals to ask more questions, which can bring personal growth and visibility within the organization.  

Tune in to learn more about Muck Rack and how you can connect with other customer success leaders through the Thrive Network.

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About the Guest: Vanessa Neurohr

Vanessa Neurohr is the Vice President of Customer Success at Muck Rack, working to change how professionals approach public relations and encourage better relationships with the media through a unique mix of technology and partnership. She also works with brands and agencies to ensure they work smarter to surpass goals, reinvigorate strategies, and streamline workflows. Meanwhile, Vanessa co-founded the Thrive Network to empower women in customer success, now with over 1,000 members.

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Cailyn Tegel
Cailyn Tegel is an Account Executive at Veracity. She has a passion for the public relations industry and experience as a marketing intern for The Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau and a boutique PR Firm in St. Louis, MO.