Public Relations Articles

Podcast: Jeff Graubard: The Other Agency

PR Talk interview about carving out your communications niche, the advantages of a seasoned team and ageism in the industry.

Podcast: Ira Gostin: Stakeholder Engagement

PR Talk Podcast host Amy Rosenberg welcomes Ira Gostin, chief strategist at Gostin Strategic, a marketing and PR consultancy focused on stakeholder engagement.

Podcast: Serilda Summers-McGee: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Workplace Change CEO on Why DEI Should be a Corporate Priority and Where PR Fits Into the Marriage of HR & DEI.

Podcast: Marvin Stockwell: COVID-19 PR Update

COVID-19 PR Round Two: Marvin Stockwell’s PR Update and Wisdom for Any Situation on the PR Talk Podcast with Host Amy Rosenberg.