Digital PR Articles

Doing the Hard Thing in a Diverse World with Dr. Felicia Blow [Podcast]

Dr. Felicia Blow, Associate Vice President for Development at Hampton University, explores how communicators do what’s necessary, even when it’s hard.

Navigating Email Etiquette in the Digital Age with Grace Aldridge Foster [Podcast]

Grace Aldridge Foster, Co-founder and Principal of Bold Type, shares how to create well-received emails and tactics for ensuring your emails are read.

We’re Busting These Seven Common PR Myths

Amy sets the record straight by busting seven stubborn public relations myths and reveals how PR brings value to an organization.

Growth, Lessons and Everything in between with Cailyn Tegel [Podcast]

Meet Veracity’s account executive, Cailyn Tegel, and hear about her PR career growth and the lessons she learned during her first year.