After being featured on the PDX Executive podcast, Amy invited the host and founder of Agate Executive Communications, Dan Bruton, to come on the PR Talk Podcast. In this episode, Dan shared his approach to event curation that fosters lasting relationships and how people attending events can also get the most out of their connections. 

Events During COVID

The closure of in-person events in 2020 posed a challenge for many people, including Dan, whose main job was to bring people together in person. However, Dan noted that during this time, he quickly adapted by shifting his focus to virtual events, which turned out to be effective. That is until in-person started back up. Dan noticed a change in people’s priorities as attendees became more selective about which events they attended and began gravitating toward in-person instead.


The New Metaverse Events

With the return to in-person events, many, including Amy, expressed their disinterest in virtual events, which led her to wonder about the future of Metaverse events. Dan predicted that the younger generations, who are used to online interactions, may embrace the Metaverse, while older generations might require more time to adjust. Overall, it is something that will impact how we build relationships.


Finding the Right Event

Regardless of the format, Dan emphasized the importance of attending events that align with your interests and offer genuine opportunities for meaningful connections. By taking an active role in events, such as volunteering, organizing, or even speaking, you can position yourself in the center of the action and build relationships more naturally.

Since both Amy and Dan host podcasts, they share an understanding of how interviewing guests can create new connections and open doors. Tune in to the episode to learn more about Dan’s curated events — and check out Amy’s feature on the PDX Executive podcast while you’re at it!

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About the Guest: Dan Bruton

For the past 10 years, Dan has been working with global executives to create executive communication programs through his company, Agate Executive Communications. In doing so, he features many Pacific Northwest-based executives on his PDX Executive podcast. He lives in Portland, Oregon and is a University of Oregon alumni (undergrad) and Portland State MBA graduate.

Dan Bruton

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