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How Marketers Can Use Evolving Tech like ChatGPT, PMax and GA4 with Matt Bowen [Podcast]

Matt Bowen, associate director of enterprise client services and strategy at Logical Position, shares the scoop on two seismic shifts with Google.

Growth, Lessons and Everything in between with Cailyn Tegel [Podcast]

Meet Veracity’s account executive, Cailyn Tegel, and hear about her PR career growth and the lessons she learned during her first year.

PR Trends We’ll be Tracking in 2023

Amy dives into 2023 PR trend predictions and how PR people can make intelligent plans to not only survive upcoming challenges but thrive.

How Sadie Lincoln Creates Body-Positivity Despite the Cost to Barre3 [Podcast]

Sadie Lincoln, co-founder and CEO of barre3, shares how she created body-positive messaging in the fitness industry through mindful marketing.