Case Study: Hotel Website Redesign

Case Study: Hotel Website Redesign

Refreshed look, design and infrastructure for Hallmark Inns & Resorts

Hallmark Inns & Resorts has two locations on the Oregon Coast: Hallmark Resort & Spa Cannon Beach and Hallmark Resort Newport. Both properties recently had major renovations completed in the hotel rooms, common areas and event spaces. However, the website hadn’t been touched in years.

Armed with the refreshed brand, logo and marketing creative that we’d just created for them–it was now time to give new life to the website.

In addition to a refreshed look and better user experience, a primary goal of the redesign was to maintain organic search traffic (we’d typically have the goal of increased SEO presence with a redesign, but we do not handle SEO for this client, so the goal was to maintain). We managed to not only sustain traffic and conversion rates, but to dramatically increase them.

From the graphics below you can see the significant improvements as we compare traffic and revenue changes on a year-over-year (YOY) comparison and separately looking at the previous 90 days prior to launch of the new site.

Please visit the new to see the entire new site. The old site can be viewed using the Wayback Machine.


First three months after launch, YOY (previous year)

  • YOY Comparison Hallmark ResortsTraffic (Sessions) increased 68%
  • Users are up 59%
  • Organic Search Traffic increased 138%
  • Overall Ecommerce Revenue increased 61%
  • Organic Search Ecommerce Revenue Increased 108%
  • Organic Search Ecommerce Transactions increased 107%
  • Pageviews and Unique Pageviews are up 38%


First three months after launch, last 90 days (previous period)

  • 90 Comparison HallmarkTraffic (Sessions) increased 91%
  • Users are up 91%
  • Organic Search Traffic increased 154%
  • Overall Ecommerce Revenue increased 101%
  • Organic Search Ecommerce Revenue increased 133%
  • Organic Search Ecommerce Transactions increased 75%
  • Pageviews are up 73% and Unique Pageviews are up 77%

The new site is also responsive, so we’ve provided a better user experience on mobile and don’t expect any negative impacts from Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly update.


Case Study: Breaking Into a New Market

Case Study: Breaking Into a New Market

Market leader develops new niche at industry’s biggest event

Bergstrom Nutrition (Bergstrom) manufactures methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which is a nutritional supplement that helps alleviate joint pain. Bergstrom’s product — OptiMSM® — is sold to finished product manufactures who incorporate it into various bars, drinks, gels, tablets and powders that are then sold to the consumer.

Bergstrom recognized a natural progression from the joint health arena into the sports nutrition realm. An extensive study showed that MSM helps reduce muscle soreness after increased exercise or new activities (otherwise known as “exercise recovery”). It was evident that Bergstrom could fill a void in a new demographic.

Our strategy was to hold this new information until the week before the industry’s biggest trade show of the year which brings together suppliers and buyers that drive the dietary supplement, food, beverage, personal care and cosmetic marketplace. This campaign opened the door to a new market while creating exciting news to engage with new and current customers.

Specific results included:

  • Bergstrom gained two new large sports nutrition clients who have since created new products with OptiMSM.
  • Four pre-show articles that the client was directly quoted in.
  • Five additional follow up articles.
  • We continue to respond to requests from press interested in Bergstrom’s new venture into the sports nutrition category.

In the dietary supplement/sports nutrition world, where product development cycles can range from one to three years, we can state that we are enjoying success immediately following the campaign. We have more meetings scheduled with new prospects — one of them with the world’s largest dietary supplement retailer.

Tim Hammond
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bergstrom Nutrition

Bergstrom-NutraBergstrom-Whole FoodsBergstrom-Natural Products

Case Study: Oregon Growers & Shippers

Case Study: Oregon Growers & Shippers

Exposure and promotion brings 258% increase in sales

Veracity developed and executed a public relations strategy for Oregon Growers & Shippers’ (OGS) new condiment called Fruit Paté. We pitched national print and online media to feature the product during its release.


The campaign resulted in many successes; however one earned media placement enabled us to very specifically measure the results. The Fruit Patés were featured in Cooking Light magazine (valued at nearly $100,000 in calculated publicity value) and The placement included a discount exclusively for Cooking Light readers. This specific, trackable discount provided us with the ability to partially measure the impact of the coverage. OGS realized a minimum 258% increase in sales during the promotion. Valuable product and brand exposure as well as additional sales without the provided discount were also realized as a result of this campaign.

RM-Client-Oregon-Growers“I always have a good experience working with Veracity. This specific effort was a great success in which we definitely saw an increase in sales.”

Dave Gee
Co-founder, Oregon Growers & Shippers



OGS graph





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[1] Comparing sales during the promotion using the discount code, versus the month prior and immediately following the magazine article.