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What you need to start a podcast

A list of technical elements including hosting, equipment, software and a check-list for what should be included in each podcast episode.

How Volunteering Can Boost Resumes And Even Launch Businesses

Three Professional Volunteer Ideas That Will Add Skills And Increase Connections. I am talking about volunteer work that will not only keep your skills sharp but also possibly bring new skills, such as through these three avenues listed.

Who Needs PR Distribution Services?

Should you pay for PR distribution? The simple answer is NO! PR Distribution Myths Busted.

How to Start a Podcast with PRSA [Podcast]

PR Talk podcast episode about how we started PR Talk. Why we started it, our goals and an overview of the technical requirements are featured.

Role of Ethics in Marketing [Minicast]

Role of Ethics in Marketing [Minicast]

I was asked to join an AMA-PDX panel discussion event on the Role of Ethics in Marketing. Listen to this minicast for a sneak peek on one of the topics, Fake News, and attend the FREE event on Thursday, January 17 at UO Portland.

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