Growth, Lessons and Everything in between with Cailyn Tegel [Podcast]

Growth, Lessons and Everything in between with Cailyn Tegel [Podcast]

Meet Veracity’s Cailyn Tegel! 

On the six-year anniversary of PR Talk, we are introducing you to a special guest: Cailyn Tegel of Veracity! Well, to say we’re introducing her would be an overstatement. Since we tend to jabber on together, I lopped off the beginning of the conversation to get right to the good stuff. 

A proper introduction would say that Cailyn joined Veracity a little over one year ago as Assistant Account Executive. Through demonstrating a strong understanding of PR and a desire to continue growing, Cailyn was recently promoted to Account Executive. 

Cailyn Reflects On A Year Full of Learnings

The episode starts by jumping into the middle of a conversation Cailyn and I were having about her recent blog post: A Year Full of Lessons For an Entry-Level PR Pro.

First, we discuss some writing tips Cailyn discovered on her journey to becoming a better writer, which includes not being overly sensitive to copious edits. 

Then, we delve into other key learnings, complete with funny stories and realizations, like not needing to respond to every email ASAP and ways of answering hard questions. 

You’ll get an inside look at what Cailyn has learned during her first year working in PR. 


Timing is Everything in Life and PR

With the conversation moving on to address New Year’s intentions (not resolutions!), we get into how to best plan (or hack!) our days through science. 

The books we mention include: “In The Flo” by Alisa Vitti and “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” by Daniel Pink. 

Everyone will get something out of this entertaining conversation, whether you’re new to the industry or not.

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About the Guest: Cailyn Tegel 

Cailyn Tegel joined Veracity in 2022 as an Assistant Account Executive. After a year of demonstrated skill and growth, Cailyn became an Account Executive for Veracity in 2023. Cailyn executes the day-to-day PR functions for clients such as Oregon Charter Academy and Windermere Real Estate, while working closely with Veracity’s founder as a trusted support system. Cailyn enjoys all things crafting, hikes whenever possible and is deepening her newfound enthusiasm for roller derby in her home state of Illinois.

Cailyn Tegel

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