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Three Things I Learned From My Month of Bullet Journaling

I recently started bullet journaling in an attempt to appease my ADHD brain and found that it is customizable, removes clutter and brings calm.

Leveraging Your Award, the Public Relations Way

5 steps for winning an award and how to ensure you get coverage for your hard work.

PR is just about connections, right?

We get many ghost written articles placed for...

When to Respond to HARO Posts

Make sure you are going to reach a target audience in a quality outlet before putting forth too much effort.

Up With the Pope

Up With the Pope

Up With the Pope Rather than saying I was up with the chickens this morning at Rosenberg Marketing, I was up with the Pope, figuratively speaking. The Pope had an overwhelming presence during today’s live morning show shoot with Joe V. from KPTV’s Good Day Oregon. The...

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