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Sometimes an outline is all you need to get going. Templates provide a guide to what should be put where. Just fill in the blanks and you are on your way!

The Press Release Template

The Press Release Template

Looking for a template for the classic press release? Look no further for a straightforward example. Who, what, where, when, why?

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Educational Minicasts

Audio and/or video clips under 20 minutes that give you step-by-step PR and marketing insights.

Minicast: Role of Ethics in Marketing

Minicast: Role of Ethics in Marketing

I was asked to join an AMA-PDX panel discussion event on the Role of Ethics in Marketing. Listen to this minicast for a sneak peek on one of the topics, Fake News, and attend the FREE event on Thursday, January 17 at UO Portland.

Minicast: The 3 Keys to TV Success

Minicast: The 3 Keys to TV Success

Visual. Charity. Timing. Seems pretty simple. If you have these three elements in your pitch, you are on your way to a higher probability of success.

Minicast: How To Operate Like a Newsroom

Minicast: How To Operate Like a Newsroom

Tips for taking your own photos and videos, how to get those assets to the press and when to hire a pro. Plus guidelines for writing photo captions and lots of photo opportunity ideas.

How To’s

Much of the content on our blog is educational. How To posts provide advice and guidance for a variety of topics.

PR Talk Podcast

Our PR Talk Podcast features education and tips for today’s marketer. Listen to interviews with media personalities for direct insight and recommendations from the source. Plus minicasts and solo tutorials from our staff.

Podcast: Forget Your Story

In this episode of PR Talk, Mike and I talk about what it means to “Forget Your Story.” Mike was a bit flabbergasted by this concept at first, wondering how marketers can do anything without story-telling, which is the foundation of the human language.

Podcast: How PR is Different

PR is relevant to all marketing aspects, along with many of the most crucial parts of an organization’s operation.

Podcast: PR Roles and Mindset

PR Talk Podcast about the different types of roles played in the PR game. Entire jobs could encompass just one of the roles, but more often than not PR people dabble within all of these roles.

Podcast: Gini Dietrich: Spin Sucks

PR Talk Podcast discusses very big topics such as: what PR actually is, how PR is different from marketing, and why PR matters. But most importantly we talked about how worried Gini is for the PR industry.

Podcast: Mike Rosenberg: CommCon2019

Mike Rosenberg will be presenting at PRSA Oregon’s CommCon event on May 3rd to help PR and communications professionals add SEO to their marketing toolbox.