100 Episodes of PR Talk Podcast:
Reunion with Cassidy Quinn


We were honored to have our first-ever media guest back to celebrate the 100th episode of PR Talk.


We made it. It has been a long, albeit fun, four years as we reach the highly anticipated 100 episode mark that all podcasters must celebrate! Yes, you heard me right, 100 episodes of PR Talk. Humble beginnings that started with me rambling to a former staff member eventually led to hundreds of interviews with media members and thought leaders.

In honor of this momentous occasion, PR Talk brings back our first-ever media interview: Cassidy Quinn who was with KGW-TV during the interview nearly four years ago and has since started her own thing!


Remembering My Early Surprise at Cassidy’s First “Yes”

Before providing a rundown on what we talked about and filling you in on Cassidy’s current whereabouts, I want to pause and reflect on what it was like to go into the KGW Studios to conduct my first-ever podcast interview.

Without putting it mildly, I was floored when Cassidy quickly said yes to the interview request four years ago. Maybe you could call it imposter syndrome but I definitely wondered if I was out of my mind to think that the media, and Cassidy Quinn no less, would sit down with me on a podcast for a whole hour! PR people have a hard enough time just getting our pitches to run. But really, that was the whole point. Cassidy’s responsiveness proved to me that the media is kind and they do understand the value of helping PR people so that in turn, we can help them.

Cassidy Quinn on Veracity's ChalkTalk Podcast

Cassidy Quinn, PR Talk’s first media personality interview in March 2017

Nervous Butterflies Accompanied Me Into KGW-TV

I was nervous as I went into that first interview, mostly anxious about the equipment and being very sure to bring my own water bottle for some reason, afraid that my voice might give out. However, I amazingly do not think I over-prepared for the interview, as I tend to over-prepare for everything else with varying results. We probably had some questions in mind but we really just wanted to have an honest and engaging conversation with Cassidy and that we did.

Once in the studio, and recording, we talked about all kinds of things. She uncovered tips for getting on her show: at the time she was recording live segments for KGW’s “Live at 7” which she later went on to host, hence the show’s name change to “Tonight with Cassidy.” However, the show has been canceled because, coronavirus. We then moved on to her tips for pitching other media, her top PR pet peeves and even personal things like her online dating profile!

I left that interview with the encouragement and confidence I would need to spend four more years hustling to book even more media to spend their time and hard-earned expertise with me and PR Talk listeners.

Cassidy’s New Mental Health Focus and Ongoing Content

Now back into the present day, this second interview with Cassidy was conducted on everyone’s favorite, or dreaded, platform: good old Zoom! Celebrate our 100th episode with us as we take a trip down memory lane with Cassidy, while also learning about her new exciting projects.

Cassidy is now rocking it as her own #girlboss as a Content Creator, Mental Health Advocate  and Host. She is now more dedicated to her own YouTube Channel than ever with a new twist: Mental Mondays that feature an honest account of how Cassidy is faring during these challenging times with her own anxiety, depression, and newly diagnosed ADHD.

While these longer YouTube episodes sound tough, Cassidy tackles them with a light ease that relates to all and her magician-like video editing skills make them very entertaining. Headliners include: “I got 8 hours of sleep for a whole month – here’s what happened,” “Let’s talk about the coronavirus,” and “How I figured out I have depression and anxiety.

She also still uploads hilariously random videos to her YouTube channel, with headliners such as: “Meet my coworkers [and she’s pointing toward her plants],” “Shaving my boyfriend’s face in quarantine,” and “I followed a 4-year-old’s makeup tutorial.


Cassidy’s New Podcast, “Mentally Together,” Releases on January 25

In other news about Cassidy’s work with mental health, she’s going to be releasing a podcast dedicated to this important topic on January 25 called “Mentally Together.” Be sure to have your headphones at the ready on that date!

In addition to all of this, Cassidy is still hosting the night time radio show over at 98.7 The Bull. Moreover, she’s putting her strong content and editing skills to use for others, helping companies with creating their own engaging content. To learn more, visit: https://www.cassidyquinn.tv/.


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About the guest: Cassidy Quinn

Cassidy Quinn is a content creator and video blogger with a special interest in light-hearted mental health advocacy. Mental Monday videos are released weekly on her YouTube channel and a new podcast called Mentally Together will launch on January 25. She is also the night-time radio host at 98.7 The Bull. Previously, Cassidy was at KGW-TV for over six years, most recently as the host of “Tonight with Cassidy.”

Connect and follow Cassidy on social media:

Cassidy Quinn on PR Talk

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