We have been involved with SEMpdx since 2007. I joined the Board of Directors in 2008 as the Sponsorship Chair, followed by two years heading up marketing and became President in 2012. I originally joined the group to learn the industry and make new connections. I was coming into search engine marketing from a more traditional sports marketing and promotions background. The events and members of SEMpdx really embraced me and helped me learn the industry and techniques for SEO and SEM. I have also made some great friends (many of which are competitors as well) that jump at the opportunity to help each other within and outside of the search marketing world.


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Mike Rosenberg
CEO at Veracity
Mike Rosenberg is CEO at Veracity. He brings experience and passion from two distinct, yet similar, career paths in sports business marketing and online marketing. Mike shares his marketing expertise as an Advisory Board Member and Past President of SEMpdx, a professional business organization for the digital marketing industry.