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AI Strategy in Your PR Software with Cision’s Antony Cousins

Antony Cousins, executive director for AI strategy at Cision, a global PR software, discusses AI advancements to the platform and industry.

How Marketers Can Use Evolving Tech like ChatGPT, PMax and GA4 with Matt Bowen [Podcast]

Matt Bowen, associate director of enterprise client services and strategy at Logical Position, shares the scoop on two seismic shifts with Google.

Adding Affiliate Marketing into the PR Mix with Jessy Klein Fofana [Podcast]

Jessy Klein Fofana, the founder of LaRue, shares how she uses affiliate marketing in her PR strategy to deliver measurable ROI.

We’re Busting These Seven Common PR Myths

Amy sets the record straight by busting seven stubborn public relations myths and reveals how PR brings value to an organization.

What Every Blog Post Needs

What Every Blog Post Needs

There are critical components that all good blog posts utilize. What’s the perfect length, the ideal structure, and other must-have elements?

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