Best PR Firms in Portland - VeracityIt is always nice to be recognized as one of Portland’s Best PR Firms. It is even better to receive the accolade multiple times. We are happy to again be on this list compiled by¬†Expertise.

Here is a little insight into how they go about choosing what PR agencies to feature on their hand-complied list:


Step 1: Survey the field

Find all the businesses that may qualify for a particular category in a geographic location. 153 PR Firms in Portland in this case.


Step 2: Rank businesses within that Industry

Rankings are based on 25 variables across the following five judgment criteria:

  1. Reputation
  2. Credibility
  3. Experience
  4. Availability
  5. Professionalism

Step 3: Hand-pick the best

Once they rank the businesses, their team manually reviews the top scoring results and provides a summary of the business.

Thank You!

We are honored to be included as a top Portland PR firm and, as we always say, 3rd party accreditation is one of the many benefits of good PR.


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Mike Rosenberg
CEO at Veracity
Mike Rosenberg is CEO at Veracity. He brings experience and passion from two distinct, yet similar, career paths in sports business marketing and online marketing. Mike shares his marketing expertise as an Advisory Board Member and Past President of SEMpdx, a professional business organization for the digital marketing industry.