How PR is Different

But First, What is PR anyway?

PR stands for: Public Relations. So, in a general sense, it’s about relating to the public. There are many ways to do this, depending on the communication tools you have at your disposal and how your audience consumes information.

I used being a nun at a nunnery or working at an IT startup in Silicon Valley in my explanations of different types of PR such as internal relations, investor relations and media relations (see more about specific PR Roles).

The way each person communicates, what they communicate, and to whom might be starkly different for each. But the two examples are quite similar. PR serves as a conduit between where you are (inside the walls of your organization) to where you want to be (in front of the public without necessarily leaving). You’re getting a message, or multiple messages, from inside your organization to specific audiences (internal &/or external). At times the role can be fluid — alternating from communicating to the outside to speaking directly to those inside your organization.

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