Dan Lee On The Three P’s of Job Hunting

Dan’s career-growth advice applies to more than just active job-seekers.

You may remember Dan Lee with PR Talent from past PR talk episodes. In fact, I enjoy talking with him so much that I’ve actually had him on the podcast multiple times before the Coronavirus storm hit the world. So, of course, I immediately thought of him when I decided to pivot the podcast and talk about the things that are stressing us out during these highly unusual times. The loss of jobs tops the list of current stressors for many of us. 

Dan is a great resource to turn to during this time because his firm is unique. PR Talent specializes in filling communications and PR jobs for both agencies and corporations. But since he’s worked in the field, spending 16 years at Weber Shandwick, before starting PR Talent’s northwest operation, he has a keen understanding of what we do on a daily basis as communicators.

Sectors That Are Hiring & In-Demand Skills

Before getting into Dan’s job seeking tips, we quickly touched on the current state of the job market. Of course, it isn’t all puppies and kittens, with the majority of companies at least temporarily pausing their hiring, but Dan outlined the few sectors that are still hiring, such as education, technology, and legal. He also touched on key skills that companies need right now to give you the cutting-edge, including internal communications, crisis preparations and digital savviness.


The Three P’s of The Job Search

Dan used what he calls his “Three P’s” to provide a framework for discussing the job search process. The Three P’s are: being prepared, proactive and patient.


P #1: Be Prepared

If you’ve listened to Dan’s previous episodes on PR Talk you might already be prepared. Dan has talked before about getting your ducks in a row even when you don’t have the time — for instance, keeping an updated LinkedIn profile and continuously networking with at least one key group — in order to be prepared when the time to make a move comes. 

This is especially relevant to those who are hanging onto current jobs out of fear or desperation. It’s probably not advisable to move away from a current job right now. But with the extra time you’re saving on not commuting, you could examine what you want from your career and take preparedness steps to get there. Even if you have lost a job, now could be a good time to prepare by examining what lights your fire.


P #2: Be Proactive

This is not the time to “coast” if you are in a current job that you are feeling lukewarm about. While you need to get your work done to the best of your ability, you could still take advantage of this time and reach out to your networks, just to check-in and see how they are doing. This could go a long way in reminding people about you and possibly help you open the door for conversations about new opportunities when you are ready.

If you have lost your job, don’t just sit around eating bonbons or binging on Netflix all day. While indulging in some of that is fine, don’t use the current state of the economy as an excuse to do nothing. Treat your job search as you would a job. For example, actively network with past colleagues by setting up virtual “coffee dates” or “happy hours,” and put what you’re looking for out on the table while reconnecting. 

Dan suggests you network with him as well since he is a matchmaker for current and future job openings and current and future job seekers. This can apply even if you are currently happily employed. Harkening back to the first P, you should always be thinking about the future and voicing your long-term goals to people who can help you.


P #3: Be Patient

Lastly, Dan gives us some grace by reminding us to be patient. This means that you should take the time to enjoy walking outside as the weather gets nicer, practice self-care like meditation and reading, and generally understand that things take time. The best opportunities come to those who aren’t reaching for the next shiny object.

“Challenge brings opportunity,” Dan said, pointing out that now is an excellent time to manage our careers while taking stock of where we are and where we want to be. Again reminding me to pause, reflect and make necessary adjustments.

About the guest: Dan Lee

Dan Lee is a Managing Director at PR Talent and leads the firm’s recruiting efforts in the Northwest region. His career experience includes sports broadcasting, sports marketing, and 16 years with Weber Shandwick, where he was a vice president.

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