The ability to keep track of new “news” is becoming more and more like blinking your eyes — as soon as you blink a new story is on your plate. The Oregonian realizes this and rather than disregarding the digital transition or simply ignoring it they are integrating it to its practice to “help tell stories every minute of every day,” as stated by the newspaper. This progression allows it to be in line with the audience and to continually progress with its readership.

The newspaper will continue to be a daily newspaper with home delivery on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with a bonus edition delivered on Saturday. The days the print edition is not delivered it is available in 2,000 locations around the Portland and Salem area along with a digital edition that is also accessible.

“Digital journalism allows us to tell stories in new and powerful ways beyond ink on newsprint, and we will take full advantage of the tools we have,” stated N. Christian Anderson III, president of Oregonian Media Group.

This powerful statement vocalizes that The Oregonian is listening and aware of the ever-changing market and audience and will now provide more up-to-date news with the click of our fingertips — while still providing home delivery to stick with its roots.

More changes to the paper include, a new prep sports section that will run on Fridays providing news of high school athletes and teams. A freestanding health section will run on Wednesday and Sunday, with a separate opinion section incorporating local and national commentary. Lastly Foodday will move to Wednesdays.

The Oregonian is moving with the times to continue to provide the state with relevant news that connects with its readers and keeps them informed every day of the week. Our lives are in real time and now The Oregonian is transforming to run in real time with us.

Monica Komperda