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Veracity’s PR Talk Podcast features education and tips for today’s marketer. Plus interviews with media personalities for direct insight and recommendations from the source.

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Podcast: Habit Change

Tricking ourselves into doing our New Year’s Resolutions we uncover our personal tendencies from Gretchen Rubin’s Habit Change Quiz

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Podcast: Steve Strauss: USA Today

Mr.AllBiz delves into the intersection of small business and PR, talks about how to get into his columns, why small business should embrace PR and more.

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Podcast: Elyse Stoner: Fresh Perspective

In this episode of the PR Talk podcast, Elyse joins host Amy Rosenberg for a conversation about her event philosophy and why ROI may be the wrong framework to measure an event’s success.

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Podcast: Rebecca Dersh: Cision

PR Talk Podcast interview about PR reporting, analytics, automation and more. Host Amy Rosenberg talks with Cision’s PR Manager Rebecca Dersh.

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Podcast: Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a popular topic for all industries and job types. Amy and Mike talk about how they strive to strike the right ratio and provide tips for listeners on the PR Talk Podcast.

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Podcast: PR Tools

In this episode of PR Talk, Amy shares her view that the most important PR Tool is not the mind, relationships, a press release or even her favorite, the telephone. She insists that the most important PR tool is instinct.

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PR Talk Podcast

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