Focusing On What You Can Control with Jenn Hanson-dePaula [Podcast]

Focusing On What You Can Control with Jenn Hanson-dePaula [Podcast]

If you are shy about marketing yourself, whether that be your company, services or individual projects, you might want to tune into this PR Talk episode with Amy and Jenn dePaula, owner of Mixtus Media – a company that helps authors market their books – and host of the Book Marketing Simplified podcast. While this episode focuses on authors, most of this advice can apply to other aspects of marketing.

Following the Marketing Trends

Before Jenn co-founded Mixtus Media with her husband, she was a publicist for musicians and authors, placing her in a position that worked with creatives who weren’t usually thinking about marketing, leading her to book publishing. In 2006, shortly after starting her company, things were beginning to change. Much of the traditional media was going digital, and Jenn was beginning to feel stressed about her marketing strategies. After some time, she decided to no longer focus on what couldn’t be controlled and pull her focus into what could. With her husband on board, they tackled the great digital marketing beast together and were able to shift into a highly profitable gear.


Demystifying Digital Marketing

Exacerbated by everyone telling authors they should be marketing their books, but rarely explaining how to do so, Jenn identified a missing piece within the book marketing arena. Jenn compared this to a cooking scene in Schitt’s Creek where Moira continually tells David to “fold in the cheese,” resulting in hilarious confusion because neither of them knew what this meant. Today Jenn teaches authors how to market their books with exact approaches and intentional resources to build their online presence around their ideal audience.

Focusing On Personal Marketing Growth

Devoting time to book marketing or other personal marketing, such as entrepreneurs promoting their businesses or job-seekers positioning themselves for that next opportunity, can feel impossible alongside other responsibilities. To combat this, Jenn suggests that it’s all about priorities and spending time where your audience lives. Devoting a couple of hours a week to personally targeted marketing is a great way to start and can result in more business.


Advice for PR People and Authors

For PR people: Jenn offers advice to those who want to amplify an author and their book. Showing compassion to your authors is an excellent way to build trust. Many are creatives and don’t think about the business side of things, so communicating why they need to market their book a certain way will help them understand and see the big picture. 

For authors: Mixtus Media offers a couple of social media and book marketing coaching programs to help grow your following and sell more books. They also have great tools, including the “Book Marketing Simplified” podcast that shares insights on all things digital book marketing. And since being an author can get lonely, you can opt-in to join the Author’s Circle, a group for authors worldwide that connect and encourage each other.

Listen now to hear more about Jenn’s history and how you can be more intentional with your digital marketing.

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About Jenn Hanson-dePaula

Jenn Hanson-dePaula has been working with authors, musicians, and other creatives for over 20 years, helping them find and connect with their ideal audience online. She started working for Essential Records and EMI CMG as a publicist in the music industry for five years. In 2005 she ventured out on her own to start BookEnd Media, which she formed to serve the independent music and author communities. As social media outlets became more and more prominent, she refocused the company, naming it Mixtus Media, to focus on helping form a deeper and more powerful online presence.

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