Want to jump straight to the facts? Skip to the 5:30 mark to get right into the issue.

This weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with Sandy Shotwell, 24-year Eastmoreland resident and CEO of drug-development company DesignMedix. She presented a different side to the Historic District (HD) than what we heard last week from George Beard, an avid HD supporter and recently elected Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) board member.

Staunchly against the HD, Sandy delves into reasons why she thinks this HD in particular would be hard on our neighbors and even opens our minds up to other alternatives. Honestly, hearing that there might be other alternatives to this HD surprised me. I write “this” HD because there are other types of HD’s that might be less stringent or varying courses of action we could take to set forth regulations to protect the character of the neighborhood that we all love so much.

Sandy provides real examples of things she learned through her work setting up a Q&A panel in which city officials answered questions from neighbors about the impending HD in March. She delves into what could happen under an HD in our neighborhood and touches on some stringencies she’s seen in other neighborhoods. Be sure to watch this video if this podcast leaves you with more questions than answers: vimeo.com/212073764

This is Episode 2 of The Eastmoreland Project, the first series of StreetTalk, a podcast about Portland’s ever-changing communal landscape.

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