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StreetTalk attempts to dig deep into the Portland area’s ever-changing communal landscape through multiple interviews that fully plunge into a specific topic. No longer a small backyard community, our downtown core is expanding as neighborhoods evolve to welcome a multitude of new residents. Our growing pains will be highlighted through interviews featuring topics concerning real estate & development, infrastructure & building, homelessness & community, and more.

StreetTalk with Roger Valdez, Seattle for Growth

"A proliferation of product type enables consumers to make better choices. If the choices are limited, competition increases and prices increase. More is better,” Roger Valdez, Seattle for Growth Seattle Housing Advocate and Forbes Writer, Roger Valdez, Explains the...

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The Hunger Project

Listen up! Our second StreetTalk immersion focuses on hunger. Did you know that when rents increase hunger increases? Hunger is a real estate concern and it’s running rampant in Portland and surrounding areas. 75% of students qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch in east Portland districts. Hunger is a year-round problem that must be addressed now, not just in December.

Image courtesy of Kai Oberhäuser

The Eastmoreland Project

We’re kicking StreetTalk off by paying special attention to the highly heated battle regarding the proposed Historic District in Portland’s beloved Eastmoreland neighborhood. In an attempt to present just the facts to Eastmoreland neighbors and other communities considering an HD as a response to over-zealous development, we’ll spend six weeks examining all sides of the issue. After this six-week series is over, we’re open to discover where the street takes us.

It’s a Wrap! Final Thoughts on The Eastmoreland Project

Reflections on PR’s Duty, Podcasting & Making a Decision Thank you for listening to me muddle through the discovery process regarding the proposed historic district (HD) in Eastmoreland. What could have very well been an indulgent project began as a way to find...

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Episode 106: The Eastmoreland Project — Randy Sebastian

Home-Grown Home Builder Weighs in on Historic District As I sat down to interview Randy Sebastian, owner of Renaissance Homes, about the proposed historic district (HD) in Eastmoreland, he recalls humble beginnings leading to his perch as the number one home builder...

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Now or Never: Deadline Is Actually Wednesday 6/28

Apparently I’ve been looking at things a little too simplistically. I guess that is how I’m able to do crazy things like launch podcasts without any experience and get a puppy when I’m recovering from a major back injury. No one ever praised me for my IQ level and I’m...

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Episode 105: The Eastmoreland Project — Richard De Wolf

Richard De Wolf, Arciform A Life Dedicated to Restoring Vintage Structures This week I stopped by local design-build company, Arciform, and interviewed the owner, Richard De Wolf. Looking back on all of these episodes, this has been the most helpful and informative to...

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Episode 104: The Eastmoreland Project — Mary Kyle McCurdy

Mary Kyle McCurdy on Different Historic Districts, RIP to Curb Demolitions and 1,000 Friends of Oregon Eastmoreland neighbor and Deputy Director for nonprofit 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Mary Kyle McCurdy, came over to record a podcast interview for StreetTalk this week!...

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Episode 102: The Eastmoreland Project — Sandy Shotwell

Want to jump straight to the facts? Skip to the 5:30 mark to get right into the issue. This weekend I had the opportunity to catch up with Sandy Shotwell, 24-year Eastmoreland resident and CEO of drug-development company DesignMedix. She presented a different side to...

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Episode 101: The Eastmoreland Project — George Beard

Today, I’m launching a podcasting experiment to get everyone the facts about the proposed Historic District (HD) in Eastmoreland. My family and I have lived in Eastmoreland for 10 years and I’ll begin by saying that I am not on either side — YET. That’s what this experiment is for. I hope to highlight both sides of the issue, switching off every-other-week between pro and anti-HD sentiments.

In this first episode I interview George Beard who is a retired PSU professor and 20-year resident of Eastmoreland. He happens to be pro-HD for reasons extending far beyond the reaches of our neighborhood. From his point-of-view, the HD is our neighborhood’s last line of defense against a city that will stop at nothing to change the fabric of each of Portland’s unique neighborhoods — if that’s what it takes to keep up with the relentless migration of new people to our state.

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Eastmoreland image courtesy of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association

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