Apparently I’ve been looking at things a little too simplistically. I guess that is how I’m able to do crazy things like launch podcasts without any experience and get a puppy when I’m recovering from a major back injury. No one ever praised me for my IQ level and I’m not saying my little plans and designs are ever successful.

So….it’s kind of like now or never to either Object to the HD or Rescind your original objection. Both groups have said we have until Wednesday of next week to get something in because it needs to be sent through registered mail to Washington DC. I won’t bore you with the details.

But you might need to plan ahead. What?!? I obviously don’t know much about that concept! Here are the instructions from both sides:

Instructions from HEART

Historic Eastmoreland Achieving Results Together (HEART) is having a “Rescind Party,” which is of course open to people who want to rescind their objections to the HD, and any other HD supporters who want to enjoy beer, wine, food, and the help of an on-site notary who can rescind your objection in a jiffy as long as you bring your ID.

WHEN: This Sunday, June 26 from 5 – 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Lamb Residence @ 7342 SE 29th

*If you cannot make this event, a local notary makes house calls. Contact Heart.

Instructions from Keep Eastmoreland Free

Keep Eastmoreland Free (KEF) will have notaries visible during this weekend’s garage sale. Bring your ID as you scrounge of goodies at the sale.

WHEN: This Saturday (June 25) during the Garage Sale from roughly 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE: The Cooney Residence, corner of Woodstock and Reed College Place

*If you cannot make this event, a local notary makes house calls. See below to contact KEF.

Patty Brandt is happy to arrange objections only. She can be reached at 503-771-0376 or [email protected]. If you’d rather do it yourself, Patty can email you the form. But they’re encouraging folks who are sending on their own to use registered mail or FedEx so that they can confirm receipt by Friday, June 30th, allowing one spare business day before the Monday, July 3rd deadline.

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