Hi, my name is public relations, but you can call me PR. I’m currently seeking an organization that wants to build a relationship with me. I wear many hats that can elevate your organization’s position and reputation in the marketplace. If you are looking for an organized, strategic, good-looking partner, then we might click!


A Little About My Family

I am pretty versatile, and my past relationships could agree. Many people associate me with my cousins, marketing and advertising, and yes, we are very close but usually function differently. We are all in the family of communication, but I earn my work, whereas advertising pays for it, but we both deliver messages and inspire action among key audiences.


My Everyday Life and Hobbies

No day is the same for me. I am everywhere, juggling many projects at once. Keeping my calendar updated is very important, so if you’re looking for me, you can surely find me there. 

Although I’m not always by the book. I love spontaneous news pitches or a good networking opportunity. But don’t get fooled, I will always put my organization first and can pen you in if you need a quick pick-me-up or a coffee. 

My favorite hobbies include: 

  • Searching the news for topics my organization could comment on
  • Pitching my thought leaders for podcasts, speaking engagements or bylined articles
  • Writing A LOT, whether it be a blog post or press release
  • Planning events and meetings
  • Building relationships with reporters

Extras about me:

  • Favorite catchphrase: “Hi, I am checking to see if you received my last email?”
  • My biggest pet peeve: No response
  • Favorite shows: Sex in the City (Samantha!) and Schitt’s Creek (Alexis!)
  • Biggest value: Honesty
  • Favorite podcast: The PR Talk Podcast (Obvi!)


My Love Language

Understanding and supporting my organization’s mission and goals is a high priority. I also consider its key audiences and the messages it wants to deliver. One of my favorite books is A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. She speaks so highly of me while explaining how I work. The book discusses my strategies when developing a campaign, while providing examples of some related tactics. As you can already tell, I am all about planning ahead and carefully choosing my strategies and tactics for each initiative. Basing my plans around audience customization and achieving my organization’s objectives is key to my love language.


What I Know About Organizations

An organization’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Audiences can instantly recognize groups like Nike, Apple and McDonald’s. But they are more than just their names and logos. Most importantly, they evoke specific responses from their target audiences. I can be used to achieve desired responses (what you want people to think, feel or do) when they associate with you. I use my understanding of those aimed responses to create plans to reflect positively on my organization’s brand, but I am also there if the plan backfires.


What Would Make Us a Perfect Match

My perfect match is an organization that understands a good relationship takes time. We won’t know everything about each other overnight, so you can’t expect results right away. A perfect match must be open to new ideas and opportunities. When I find a new organization, things will change, and I need to know you are prepared. 


Fun Date Ideas

Every date doesn’t have to be different. I understand that consistently showing up is very important, but I did think of some fun things we could do together. These are not just for our first date, but the future of our relationship!

  • Create a newsworthy press release (here is an example) and send it to the media for coverage 
  • Hold events for a particular community cause and ensure press is invited
  • Create articles and blogs from thought leaders to show what you know and garner backlinks to your website
  • Conduct company-wide volunteering efforts and donation campaigns
  • Have thought leaders from your organization go on TV, radio, and podcasts

How to Get My Attention

If you read through my profile and thought: wow, I need PR in my life, then go ahead and swipe right! I would love to get to know you and see if we could build a strong relationship. There are many ways to reach me, and one of them is through this contact form. If you don’t think you are ready, ease yourself in by learning more about me in this excellent guide to my modern life.

Thanks for visiting! XOXO 

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Cailyn Tegel
Cailyn Tegel is an Account Executive at Veracity. She has a passion for the public relations industry and experience as a marketing intern for The Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau and a boutique PR Firm in St. Louis, MO.