Breathe With PR Talk During Stress Awareness Month

Three Wise Guests Share Important Mental Health and Wellness Techniques 

April is Stress Awareness Month and since we’ve been living with a worldwide health pandemic, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to highlight the pertinent advice we’ve received throughout the years about stress management and mental health. This episode of PR Talk highlights some short snippets of thoughts from three of our most popular guests, with topics ranging from how taking a daily supplement can boost your mental capacity during times of stress, to simply honoring the fact that communications is indeed a stressful job and there are things we can do to ease that mental burden.

Sheila Hamilton

First, we highlight Sheila Hamilton, the popular KINK FM morning show host turned full-time mental health advocate. Upon her late husband’s tragic death by suicide, Sheila wrote All the Things We Never Knew, a memoir about her experience navigating an inadequate mental healthcare system with a mentally ill husband and the aftermath of his eventual suicide.

Here we highlight how as service providers, PR people have a tendency to over-deliver out of fear, along with the ways in which our physical health plays into our mental health.

Listen to Sheila’s entire episode First Things First: Taking Care of YOU during Coronavirus.


Mark Mohammadpour

Next up we have Mark Mohammadpour who found himself overweight and unhappy while working at top PR firms. After losing over 100 pounds, Mark now provides health and wellness coaching through his company Chasing the Sun

Mark and I talk about the stressful roles communicators must fill, along with the most common mistakes we make with our health.

Listen to Mark’s entire episode “Living Our Best PR Life” is Mark Mohammadpour’s Motto as He Helps Communications Pros Thrive.


Libra Forde

The last interview we showcase is with Libra Forde, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Self Enhancement, Inc. I have become obsessed with her inspiring “Motivational Minute” videos that are regularly posted to her Facebook page (@librabetall). A self-professed “thought partner,” Libra is a leader, speaker and change agent and can be found at

Here Libra and I talk about the importance of bringing daily routines, breathing, breaks and more into our working days.

Listen to Libra’s entire episode Welcome the New Year with a Much Needed “Motivational Minute” with Libra Forde.


Fika Talk with Audrey Rosenberg

If you listen all the way through you will be treated to a bonus segment from the mini-series Fika Talk about how Breaks are good!

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About the guest: Sheila Hamilton

Sheila Hamilton is the host of Beyond Well, a five-time Emmy award-winning journalist, radio host, and the author of two mental health-related books, All the Things We Never Knew and a new novel to be released this year. She co-hosted the highly-rated Kink morning show for more than a decade and was voted Portland’s favorite radio personality in 2016.

Connect and follow Sheila on social media:

Cassidy Quinn on PR Talk

About the guest: Mark Mohammadpour

After a career spent rising through the ranks of some of the country’s most respected PR firms, Mark Mohammadpour needed a change. Overweight and unhappy, Mark chose to prioritize his health and bring new meaning to his career. After losing over 100 pounds, and keeping the weight off for more than a decade, Mark now provides health and wellness coaching to communication professionals nationwide through his company Chasing the Sun. You can also subscribe to the Chasing the Sun podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

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Mark Mohammadpour

About the guest: Libra Forde

Libra Forde is the Chief Operating Officer of the Portland nonprofit, Self Enhancement, Inc. However, her popularity has risen lately with her inspiring and honest “Motivational Minute” videos posted weekly to her @BeTallLibra Facebook page. A self-professed “thought partner,” Libra is a leader, speaker and change agent available for speaking engagements at

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Cassidy Quinn on PR Talk

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