In this week’s episode of the PR Talk Podcast, Amy has a conversation with Roshanda Pratt about visibility coaching, differences between working with men and women, confidence, vulnerability, and getting over your imperfections.

Roshanda is a storyteller strategist who is the CEO and Founder of The REP Network and The Rosho Live. In that capacity, Roshanda helps entrepreneurs and organizations boost their marketing return-on-investment (ROI) through brand storytelling and live video.

Visibility is Power

Amy begins by recounting to Roshanda that she had heard her say, “visibility is power.” Roshanda affirms that and says she believes there’s something compelling about showcasing your authentic self. She tells a story as an example: When she began her 20-year career as a  television news reporter she knew she always wanted to be on camera, yet she didn’t like how she looked on screen.

Even now, with so many ways for people to create content, Roshanda points out that many still struggle with showcasing themselves, such as not liking how they look or talk. However, once people learn confidence about how they are seen and heard, it opens up a world of opportunities. That’s why she believes visibility is power. 


Visibility is an Inside Job

Amy asks Roshanda why she didn’t like herself on video. Roshanda explains she lacked confidence and didn’t believe people would listen to or see her. She had to go through a personal journey of owning her authentic self. Through that work, she overcame her uncertainties and now she uses her growth experience to take her clients through an exercise to help them gain confidence on camera.

The exercise focuses on helping clients own their voices and appearance. Part of the exercise is helping clients understand that others aren’t focused on the things that you might worry they are. She believes what engages them most is to see the real you.

“I mean, unless I go and get surgery, this face is not going to change. So I had to really do some work in honoring who I am and be comfortable with ‘I am enough.’ And I’m enough for people who want to be in business with me.” It took time, but Roshanda learned that she is more than enough; and now she helps others realize that too.


Any Differences Between Working with Men or Women?

Amy also asked Roshanda what differences she sees between men and women who are seeking her help. Roshanda says there is definitely a difference. While women are more willing to open up and be vulnerable, she believes our society still hasn’t created a space where men feel like they can be vulnerable.

She goes on to talk about an experience she had while watching 30 for 30 with her husband. (30 for 30 is a series of documentary films that follow people and events in sports history.) While watching it, she went through a gamut of emotions from crying to laughing. Afterward, she told her husband the people featured in the film were showcasing their vulnerabilities and in sum, become more visible. 30 for 30 represents the kind of storytelling that is approachable for men, which illustrates how it takes different approaches to reach both men and women to help them grow.

Amy and Roshanda discuss much more in the entire episode, including her previous experience as a television news reporter, live vs. recorded video, and why video is essential. Listen now to get Roshanda’s tips about how to create good storytelling videos.


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About the guest: Roshanda Pratt, aka The Rosho Live

Roshanda Pratt is a storyteller strategist, live stream expert, speaker, and television news producer of more than a decade. She equips influencers, media personalities, and organizations with the tools needed to tap into the power of their story, amplify their voice, and monetize their story online.

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