The mobile world is continually influencing the digital world. In fact, it is sky rocketing the digital world. This increasing domination is becoming a primary way of interaction and information gathering. This speaks to the importance of having clients attuned with how they are positioning themselves to potential consumers, contributors, and competitors.

Last week, David Mihm, Director of Local Search Strategy at SEOmoz, addressed the crowd at SEMpdx’s educational event about how critical it is for businesses to have a local online presence. He said the top local ranking factors: citations, reviews, links, website, and more specifically affect a client’s digital presence. Let’s not forget the essentials, such as the correct (and consistent) business address location and phone number, click-to-call services, links to current and relevant blog posts and social media sites. It is also crucial to ensure that the techniques that are used are trackable, whether this is incorporating a call-to-action with a promotion code, coupons, email sign ups and more.

This correlates with the PR world because when communicating with the press (via press release, social media or simply email) it is critical to include relevant links. This will provide a way to drive the audience (which is both the potential customer and local algorithms) to news about the company online —essentially increasing their online presence. That is why it is pertinent to be proactive with each press contact – whether there is a relationship established with them or not, this is a way to foster the connection and to grow your client’s image. This reminds me of when Amy speaks to press contacts that are associated within PR management: print, T.V., radio, online and web content editors (who are the fifth press contact within this circle). Often it is these relationships and specific “asks” that make this recognition possible. These ongoing social interactions will also strengthen the brand image and increase the necessary citations for local search success. As Mihm stated this is “the evolution of the local algorithm” and being aware of these strategic techniques will aid in building business success.

Lastly, something that David didn’t touch on much, that we have found great success is leveraging local “traditional” PR results for local search success and building awareness. Just as much of the marketing world is starting to see the direct correlation between PR and SEO, we can drive connections in a local community (leverage a schools sponsorship or employee participation at the local park clean up), for a company that generate (or at least enhance) local citations and listings…not to mention the additional content that can develop social profiles like Google+ Local and provide fodder for review sites such as Yelp and CitySearch.




Monica Komperda