The President of SEMpdx, and Rosenberg Marketing’s CEO, recently helped our friends at 1859 Magazine with a story on social media, specifically Twitter. Here is a scan of the hard copy article about Twitter in Oregon and a link to the “Extended Interview” on


SEMpdx featured in 1859 Magazine


Extended Interview: Mike Rosenberg of SEMpdx

May 1 2013

By Megan Oliver
Assistant Editor 

Mike Rosenberg serves as president of of the board of directors of SEMpdx, all while running his own successful marketing firm with his wife, Amy. Mike spoke with 1859’s Megan Oliver about maximizing the potential of social media.

What are your social media tips for Oregon businesses, brands and personalities?

Be authentic, plan and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Users should also define what they are using each medium to accomplish. Is Twitter a sales tool, a channel for customer service and/or an avenue to show industry thought leadership? What about Facebook; are you pushing information about your business or providing a resource for potential customers interested in your industry/products/services?


Be social. Don’t just create and push your own information. Share information from others that you find useful/interesting (and give them credit by tagging, etc.).

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