Agency Retainer

Agency Retainer Relationships

Agency Retainer Relationships

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Whittling away at the important work of marketing can have a major long-term impact on your organization’s bottom line. Our Agency Retainer services bring you a professional, outside point-of-view on a consistent basis.

Frequent communication, monthly meetings, professional results reporting, the ability to act quickly to directional changes and most importantly new skillsets added to your current team. Retainer relationships typically include at least one of the following services:

Public Relations

Maximized PR campaigns resulting in powerful news coverage appearing on a frequent basis. We’re not talking about simply writing a press release and sending it out. You can also expect press meetings, contributed articles, speaking engagements, award generation and possibly a mix of both community and internal relations — with content marketing & search marketing tactics infused throughout everything.

Social Media

After gaining your input and drafting a plan incorporating target audiences, metrics and goals, our social media services typically include writing daily social media posts for at least one platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Strategies for building audiences and increasing engagement, such as promoted or sponsored posts, will be detailed in the plan and executed by Veracity.

Content Marketing & Blogging

A typical full access content marketing and blogging engagement begins with a customized content marketing plan detailing goals, strategies and tactics. We’ll include frequency, timing, target outlets and topic suggestions in the detailed editorial calendar. Our services may also include creating customized weekly blog posts, along with social posts for sharing each blog post.

Email Marketing

The creation or enhancement of an existing monthly email marketing campaign, including newsletter template design, writing and distributing monthly emails. Typically, specific campaigns driving email marketing sign-ups would be part of the additional marketing work that we’d be doing.

Advertising Management

With an eye on budget and potential reach we can create advertising campaigns for branding and specific marketing goals. Our advertising strategy tends to use a scalpel over a chainsaw by targeting your identified audiences and those with similar demographics and psychographics on social media. Potential advertising channels include PPC/Search (Google AdWords, Bing, Retargeting, Display), Social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and various print options.

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