In this solo episode of PR Talk, I share my thoughts about trying to work on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at my daughter’s school (and how every good movement needs a table flipper), Roe v. Wade, guns and school shootings, Moms Demand Action and my favorite podcast; Glennon Doyle’s We Can Do Hard Things.

Plus, a shout out to: Chris Penn’s Almost Timely News, 26-June-2022: Good Habits Lead to Great Change (WARNING: POLITICAL).

Wow, now I don’t feel all a mess. I sat down to record a solo podcast today because I felt I needed to say something about our country sliding backward 50 years. But instead, what came out was a jumble of varying initiatives I am thinking about, feeling overwhelmed by all the things to focus on.

Since there wasn’t anything I could come up with to say about reproductive rights (as I explain here that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is too new for coherent thought), I directed people to Glennon Doyle’s podcast, We Can Do Hard Things and their latest episode on Four Things to Do Next. I was happy to hear from them that everything concerning our right to create the lives we want — such as living in a world without gun violence and racism — is connected to reproductive justice.

So, working on diversity, equity and inclusion — as I explain that I have been doing lately in my newly assigned role as “Table Flipper” — also somehow addresses reproductive rights. Same with how working on gun control — as I explain my aim of joining Moms Demand Action — is another way of working on reproductive justice.

 First things first. Laugh a little as you learn how I have flipped some tables lately at a local Catholic school in my quest to demand a more just society for my daughter and her friends. And then hear my redirection of interesting podcasts to listen to and ways to think about your future involvement in the large task that is ahead.

Listen to this amazing episode about Four Things to Do Next (Apple, Spotify),  and maybe we’ll start to feel a little better while embracing the daunting task that is ahead.

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