In the latest episode of the PR Talk podcast, Amy talks with Dr. Charles Redd about getting unstuck, leadership, discovering your strengths, finding your purpose and what it means to be a servant leader.

4:40 – Getting Unstuck

Dr. Charles provides a baseball player analogy on how to get unstuck. Focusing on the number one skill that you do well, the one that comes easiest, and giving it more attention and energy.

7:18 – Leading Teams

Using a King of the Hill example, smart and wise leaders realize you need everyone to get to the top and leaders need to ask questions of their teammates to uncover who does what well to add to the vision of the team. Then when you understand the strengths of each member of the team, that brings value to the whole team which helps them arrive at their goal.

9:20 – Helping People Figure Out Their Strengths

Start with why (why am I here) and what can I share with others. Dr. Charles shares an example about conversations with new job seekers at a career fair using the example of why asking the question “what do you have?” is the wrong question at a career fair. Instead, those folks need to think about what job they would choose if all careers paid the same. Answering that question will help you understand what you want to do.

12:30 – How To Find Your Purpose?

Find what you are good at and passionate about and you will eventually get that ah-ha moment. Then you get to go to work instead of you got to go to work…

16:14 – How Taking the Approach of Using Your Purpose Can Help in PR

Amy talks about how taking the purpose approach to any job can help you find value. Specifically in PR, there are so many job types within PR you can always find a place that plays to your strengths. She also asks Dr. Charles for advice for PR leaders to understand how to highlight what they do best.

19:40 – Servant Leadership

What it means to be a servant leader including not looking at what you get from a relationship or business dealing, but what I can give. It’s an attitude of giving first, but knowing that when you give, you also get.

23:36 – How PR People Can Be Servant Leaders

Amy talks about giving to the press to just help them do their job, without needing something in return and how many PR people do this without even knowing the term servant leader. How it feels better to give than receive and if you give first, something may come back to you in return.


25:37 – How To Learn More


26:40 – The Redd Line and Time to Teach


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About the guest: Dr. Charles Redd

Dr. Charles Redd, Jr. is a nationally recognized Fortune 500 business leader, adjunct professor, speaker, and ministry founder. With more than 30 years of exceptional performance in both business and ministry, Dr. Redd has a profound approach to developing successful leaders. His track record of transforming underperforming sales teams at The Hershey Company, PepsiCo – Frito-Lay, and Coca-Cola Enterprises has made him a national leader in operations, sales leadership, and sales revenue. Dr. Charles hosts the podcast Dr. Charles Speaks and is the author of Don’t Stop Now.

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