What I’ve Learned in my Three Months at Veracity

As I sit in the same coffee shop where I applied to be an account coordinator at Veracity, I think back to my excitement of embarking on a career in public relations. Having graduated University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication in June ‘17, I set out to travel Europe that summer and then moved to the City of Roses in the fall. In the pursuit to find the PR agency of my dreams, I was looking for an agency that would launch my career by expanding my knowledge of the industry. I was lucky to find Veracity.

Going into the position, I never would have guessed how I’d be put to the test. Hitting the ground running, my once empty notebook now overflows with knowledge. Finding an entry-level position that both challenges you, yet embraces your opinions is rare. Veracity aligned with my beliefs and had a wide industry range of clients, all I was ecstatic to work with. Now at my three-month mark with Veracity, I beam with how much I have learned and continue to grow as PR professional.

Learn to Understand the Language

PR is built on the bedrock of communication. This isn’t the case for all industries. Speaking the language of the industries you’re working with will help when it comes to pitching ideas to media. If you speak the language and know what you are talking about, they’ll listen (shocking I know). Going off of this, when pitching to reporters it is necessary to research their “beat” and see if it is applicable to what you are pitching.

Be Willing and Open-Minded to Never Stop Learning
I legitimately learn something new every day whether it be Amy’s technique of how to land a pitch or creating the perfect media list. Through trial and error, I have learned to not make the same mistake twice. I take advantage of all learning opportunities, viewing constructive criticism as a chance to grow. Learning doesn’t end in college, it expands further into our careers as professionals. Be eager to learn, grow and contribute – but remember it’s okay to mess up.

Expect the Unexpected

I’m a go with the flow, take it as it comes, easy-going lady. I found this mentality to be a lifesaver in PR because we are paid to expect the unexpected and take whatever life (or the media!) throws at us. If you can’t change your mental course in a matter of seconds, think on your feet, or perform under pressure – PR might not be your beat. Having the flexibility to adapt to different situations and environments is key.

Pay Attention to the Details

PR is consistently fast-paced, but taking the time to slow down and focus on the details will be more effective and efficient in the long run. Not taking the time to proofread or pay attention to detail is unacceptable. Besides, if you can’t show effort and time in your work, why should anyone care? It’s definitely all about the details in the PR game.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve always been comfortable taking the lead, but initiating in unfamiliar territory is daunting. Yet I’ve learned the most during the moments that are outside of my comfort zone. Putting myself in these unfamiliar situations has only helped me grow stronger as a PR professional and as a person as well. While daunting, always taking the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone has been fundamental to my continued learning.  

Three-months deep and my biggest lesson so far is to take advantage of your career and the opportunity to learn more – don’t hold yourself back. I am lucky to have bosses who push me to greater lengths every day. To Amy and Mike, thank you for giving me this opportunity; happy to have launched my career at Veracity.

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Mikaela Farasyn
A graduate from the University of Oregon, Mikaela is an account coordinator here at Veracity. Passionate about social justice, Mikaela cares about organizations that care about the people they work with, the product and service they create, and the need of their audiences.