How To Articles

Much of the content on our blog is educational. How To posts provide advice and guidance for a variety of topics. See more including Templates, Educational Minicasts and the PR Talk Podcast on our Educational Resources page.

Two Ways of Determining When to Write a Press Release — Plus, a List of Topic Ideas

Veracity is breaking down the mystery of when to write a press release with just two determining factors: timeliness and newsworthiness.

Use Keyword Targeted Writing to Solve Your Content Puzzle

5 Elements of Keyword Targeted Writing – not writing like a robot, targeted keywords, not annoying, structure and linking.

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn for Thought Leadership

Four critical elements to a thought leader’s LinkedIn including optimized profile, consistent high-quality content & engagement.

What To Do After You Get Press

Create a documented, repeatable process and get the story you worked so hard to land in front of more people.

How To Write How-To Blog Posts

How To Write How-To Blog Posts

Advice and step-by-step instructions on writing how-to blog posts including word count, headings, structure and call-to-action.

What You Need to Start a Podcast

What You Need to Start a Podcast

A list of technical elements including hosting, equipment, software and a check-list for what should be included in each podcast episode.