Joining Amy on today’s PR Talk Podcast is Emmy Thomas, VP of Brand and Marketing at Logical Position (LP), an award-winning digital marketing agency. During this episode, the two tackle the topic of connecting company culture and marketing.

Making the Culture and Marketing Connection

Emmy’s career trajectory clearly illustrates the connection between company culture and marketing. Working on the sales team when she first started at LP, Emmy transitioned to recruiting and then into marketing to her current position as vice president of brand and marketing. In that journey, she was able to see the company from both the customer and employee sides and began to understand the critical connection between company culture and marketing. Now, as she works to create a cohesive brand, Emmy starts by ensuring that LP’s internal culture empowers employees to be positive company megaphones.


How to Build a Strong Company Culture

In her recruiting role, Emmy learned about the value of employee experience.

“Happy employees that feel heard and respected can increase the odds of happy clients,” said Emmy. “When employees have a personal and deep investment in the company and its mission, they become a ‘megaphone’ and influential voice, externally. It’s not just leaders saying how great the company is; it’s everyone.”

To do that, LP builds an employee-focused culture through its company newsletters, virtual events and inclusive meetings that engage the entire organization. In addition, LP regularly uses internal surveys to gauge employee morale and gain opinions from staff to make continuous improvements enterprise-wide.


The Return on Investment

A working culture with empowered employees translates to powerful external marketing in which employee-client success stories can be shared. Stories such as these help external audiences make true connections with LP, building positivity, credibility, new client leads and current client retention.

And, at a time when The Great Resignation is causing employees and applicants to desire more than “just a job,” a positive company culture enhances recruiting, particularly through employee referrals.


Ways to Step Up Your Culture Game 

Emmy believes that if you work on culture first, the marketing will more easily fall into place. However, with many employees now having the option to work from home, it can be difficult to ensure their voices are heard and staff is engaged. LP has addressed this by providing department managers with tools, budgets and ideas for team building that adapt to remote workers.

When asked how companies can emulate this with minimal to no budget, Emmy offered the following tips:

  • Give employees a voice, then listen and respect it.
  • Implement surveys to implement organizational improvements.
  • Prioritize work-life balance.

Amy ended by asking Emmy about her personal mission statement. “I want to be sure that employees are proud that they work at LP. If they are proud of what we do, they’ll be more likely to promote the company organically.”

Listen now to learn more about different ways to create a positive company culture and effectively reflect it in your organization’s brand; plus what an applicant can discover about a company’s culture by observing its marketing.

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About the guest: Emmy Thomas

Emmy is the vice president of brand and marketing at Logical Position, a 2021 Inc. Best Workplace (also named Inc.’s 2017 #3 Best Workplace), Oregonian Top Workplace, and Oregon Business 100 Best Company. In her role, Emmy ensures the company’s mission and values are represented throughout the LP brand with a consistent vision and voice across all internal and external channels. Alongside the Marketing and Employee Experience teams, she works to deliver on Logical Position’s company goal of increased revenue, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.  

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