Josh Friesen Articles

Pitching TV Coverage Via Satellite with Doug Simon

PR Talk podcast discusses the mechanics of satellite media tours and their effectiveness as the pandemic has limited in-person interviews.

Diversity Marketing with Fabiana Meléndez [Podcast]

In this episode of the PR Talk podcast, Amy chats with Fabiana about the intersection of diversity marketing and DEI efforts and its fit in B2B marketing.

Carolynn Johnson, DiversityInc. [Podcast]

In this PR Talk episode, Amy chats with Carolynn Johnson, CEO of DiversityInc and keynote at PRSA ICON 2020

Del Galloway, PRSA ICON 2020 [Podcast]

PR Talk podcast, host Amy Rosenberg chats with Del Galloway, the chair of PRSA ICON, and a Senior Vice President of Communications for Wells Fargo.