Josh Friesen Articles

The Elements of AI Governance with Janet Johnson and Ali Maaxa [Podcast]

Janet Johnson and Ali Maaxa of Portland’s AI Governance Group unpack the future of AI and how organizations can harness these new tools.

How Pat Welch Built Her Business by Choosing Collaboration Over Competition [Podcast]

Pat Welch, co-founder and CEO of Boly:Welch, discusses the origins of her agency, the current hiring market and the marketing roles in Portland.

Develop a Winning Interview Style Using These Tips

One Writer’s Secrets for Creating Successful Thought Leadership Content. Hint: it All Starts with the Interview

How Jessica Rhodes is ‘Monetizing the Mic’ With Her Unique Approach to Podcast Booking

Learn the importance podcasts can play in a PR outreach strategy, how pitching these opportunities differs from other media and more.