Connor Laubenstein Articles

Real Men Wear Pink with KINK FM’s Corey & Mitch [Podcast]

The PR Talk crew hadn’t chatted with anyone working in radio for a while, so Amy and Connor jumped at the opportunity to interview Corey Foley and Mitch Elliot from KINK FM.

Both Sides of the Aisle with PRSA Oregon Pres., Colby Reade [Podcast]

Colby Reade has seen plenty of action in both broadcast media and public relations. He shares this experience and PRSA member benefits with Amy and Connor.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise with KPTV’s “On the Go with Joe” [Podcast]

Joe V. gave us some great tips for pitching his morning live shots. If you’re lucky enough to work with him, you may even get multiple segments of coverage out of it!

Gary Stein: An Editor for the People [Podcast]

Gary Stein, Editor of the Lake Oswego Review, is unmatched in candor and positivity. Amy & Connor recently witnessed first-hand how dedicated Gary is to the community he works in.