International Cat Show Videos

International Cat Show Videos

Photo by Asique Alam on Unsplash

Tell us your story

We are very excited to have you join us in Portland for the Royal Canin’s CFA International Cat Show. We are working hard to make it the best CFA International yet and would love to help tell your unique story.

Send us a video (or pictures, but a video is best) featuring you and your cat(s).

Let us know why you are excited about coming to the show:

  • Tell us something about Portland if you have been here before.
  • Or what you have heard about Portland and are excited about (e.g. restaurants, food carts, where episodes of Grimm were filmed, etc.).
  • How you hope lots of people will come to meet you and see your cats.

We will feature your videos on our Facebook page!

If you haven’t shot video before, don’t worry. You don’t need anything fancy, just get out your smart phone and start filming. We will tell you how to do it below, scroll down.

Once you created your video(s), let us know by:

Need help? Here are some quick tips for videos:

See the quick videos we put together (just using an iPhone) with some video creation tips. Also, remember these easy tips:

  • Videos don’t have to be perfect. News stations even run iPhone videos shot by bystanders!
  • Less is more. Videos should be between 15 seconds and 1 minute.
  • Remember to make sure you’ve checked the sound is working in your recording.
  • Check out this video for some other tips on taking videos with a smart phone including:
    • Be aware of your lighting. Shooting outside (without the sun directly behind you) or near windows is good if you do not have lighting equipment.
    • Do not use your phone’s zoom tool (zoom the old fashion way by moving toward or away from the action).
    • Shoot video horizontally (laptops, tablets, social media feeds are in horizontal).

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