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Stop Networking and Start Building Relationships with Dan Bruton [Podcast]

Dan Bruton, host of the PDX Executive Podcast and founder of Agate Executive Communications shares how to get the most out of your next event.

Strategies for Maximizing Your Next Speaking Engagement Before, During and After

Speaking engagements are a fantastic way to boost your brand and industry reputation, but it takes planning and execution to maximize these benefits.

Event Planning with Elyse Stoner, Fresh Perspective [Podcast]

In this episode of the PR Talk podcast, Elyse joins host Amy Rosenberg for a conversation about her event philosophy and why ROI may be the wrong framework to measure an event’s success.

Rhoda Weiss: PRSA International [Podcast]

PR Talk Podcast with Dr. Rhoda Weiss, CEO of Rhoda Weiss & Associates, Inc. and this year’s chair of the PRSA International Conference in San Diego.

CommCon Keynote: Suzanne Stevens [Podcast]

CommCon Keynote: Suzanne Stevens [Podcast]

Suzanne Stevens, the editor of the Portland Business Journal, is going to be keynoting PRSA Oregon’s CommCon2019 event coming up on May 3rd, we thought this would be a perfect time to re-air this interview we did with her a while back.